Take Back Your Time

Get in Control of Your TIME

Time Management SkillsThey say you “can’t buy happiness”. That’s true, but it’s also true that you “can’t buy more time”. If you are struggling to make ends and find there just isn’t enough time to gets tasks accomplished in your business, you’re not alone.

Increase Productivity

Prioritize Tasks Wisely

Eliminate Distractions

Beware of Time Bandits

Being organized and structured is only part of the game. To really maximize your efforts and increase productivity you need to set a clear and focused direction. Defining “SMART” goals is a powerful way to maintain focus and discipline to, as they say in baseball, “Keep your eye on the ball”. Take our “Coaching Fit Assessment” and become a master of creating, planning and executing your goals to maximize your time.

Most people have heard of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people and the power in prioritizing what’s most important – and executing on those priorities and letting the less important tasks come secondary. As they say, “When everything is important, nothing is…”. Take our “Coaching Fit Assessment” and learn how to prioritize tasks for maximum results in your business.

This is very obvious.. but what isn’t obvious is taking a moment during our day to ask the question “Is this an ‘interrupt’ or a ‘distraction’?” Far too many business owners don’t take the time to determine whether what is coming at them is a true interrupt or just another distraction. Complete the “Coaching Fit Assessment” and get one easy step closer to regaining control of your time.

What’s a Time Bandit? The people who think their priorities and goals are more important than yours. The ones who interrupt without a sense of respect for your time. The people who are more interested in sharing their experience at the grocery store with you instead of respecting your time. These bandits have existed since the dawn of time. Complete the short “Coaching Fit Assessment” and learn how make Time Bandits vanish!

The uniqueness that Kevin brings to the table as a coach is his complete dedication to my success. I only remember he has other clients when we do the growth planning workshop every 90 days. Working with him has enabled me to overcome challenges and make the right decisions for my business without compromising on the attention that my health requires of me at this time. As he coaches me on how to work on my business instead of only in my business, I notice that I am working smarter not harder – and that’s the secret to true success!! Getting the results because of appropriate strategies and planning not because of long draining hours is achievable and he is showing me exactly how! Thank you Coach!

– Joyce

Thanks to Kevin, in just 4 months he has helped us improve our business focus which has in turn increased our monthly revenue. Our goal is to have a profitable business that gives us our evenings and weekends back…and more vacaBons! I have no doubt he will help us get there. Thanks Coach

– Dawna Christy

Owner of Targe Innovations